My new winter parka

Last weekend the weather was like…brrr…freezing, so I got to test my new Hurtta Summit parka.
Nice color, “cherry” 🙂 so the humans can see me better in this dull and grey german winter weather.
Let´s have a quick look before I tell you more about it:

IMG_2383.JPGThe facts: The parka is wind- and waterproof and has a layer of fleece on the inside. It´s a quite thin winter coat, the thicker one is called Ultimate Warmer.

Back to this nice parka. It has this typical small bib that Hurtta has in nearly all coats. It keeps my chest and a bit of my stomach warm. Of course there is no problem to pee anyway. 😉 And dog can run and jump in this jacket also, believe me! *yeah*

IMG_2380.JPGThe collar can be put up in case of really cold wind and a great advantage for those of us who always wear their tail high in the air is the adjustable back length. I don’t like it if something covers my tail, does anyone?!

IMG_2386.JPGOn both sides the parka covers the hindpaws to keep the great muscles warm. Even in sitting position – as you can see here. 😉

IMG_2385.JPGBesides the typical adjustable belt there are two small straps for the hindpaws to keep the jacket from sliding to one side. I don’t like them at all so we simply don’t use them. 😉

The last great advantage (and the reason for my human to buy me a new coat) is the small opening on the back to easily reach my harness with the leash. Fewest jackets have this – unbelievable, right?

IMG_2387.JPGSo how do you like this jacket? I really do like it 🙂 Mum likes it, too, even if it´s not the cheapest one. But doggie can wear it for several years so it´s not that expensive, right? 🙂




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